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  1. Amanda

    Hi Andy,

    I have read a few articles that you have written, i have also read your book on how to buy property and found it very easy to read and interesting. Due to ill health I didn’t buy another property. I have struggled to keep the one I live in. In fact I have just sold it, not the best time to sell ” so i am told” Ok, i have lost about £20,000, but to have a stress free life with no debt I feel it’s worth it. I also consider myself lucky to still have a large sum of money. I am about to move away to another town to start a fresh. At 44 it’s a little scary, especially as i am wanting to change my job as well. I’m going to pay my debt off, rent a place at first, find a new job and hopefully be the happy person I once was. Do you feel your books would benefit me ? I know I don’t have a bug free life, my God In the last two years I have been to hell and back, but as always I remain positive and will never give up.

    Kind Regards


    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Amanda,

      Are you kidding… you are in a perfect position to read these books. You are changing your life now, all you need is the best options. I guarantee you, you will be blown away. If you are not, send them back to me!

      As for hope and needing to remain positive… you won’t need to give thought to that sort of thing soon… no I’m not kidding and not exaggerating!

      Hold me to that!

      Best wishes


  2. Colin Oeschger

    Hi Andy,

    I have downloaded and started to read the first 5 chapters of your first book – thank you! everything you write reminds me of myself…..except that once I lost everything my outlook on life changed. material things don’t matter to me anymore. So, I don’t know (yet!) what your books are all about, but I can say that I’ve been at a mental block now for a very long time, thinking that the answer “is just around the corner”….but I do consider myself amongst the smaller percentage of people who do manage to manifest things quite easily, I just don’t fit into the economic scheme of things…

    My point being – i like to experiment, and I’m going to apply what you teach (once I get my hands on your books!)..and if i manage to make a small fortune, the experiment is to see whether your teaching can be applied to the common man – my fellow citizens living in the townships in tin shacks who do not have a car like me or an extra room inmy house for my son or a bathroom with a shower with hot running water – i think that is the REAL test??

    Lets see if your teachings also become another good inspirational (well marketed!)book on my shelf….

    All the best!


    ps: I live in Cape Town, South Africa. You are welcome to visit anytime!

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Colin,

      I know exactly the piece you’re looking for, and you will find it in yourself when you read the books.

      Your relaxed position will be of help to you here, however, there is a bug I can hear which needs to be removed, and of course it will be.

      Your countrymen who live in the townships are just accustomed to thinking that they cannot do it. The problem is that people think the wake of the speedboat has an effect on the future of it. Of course this is madness, but to over come this insanity you need to first recognise that the insanity is there, the process of shining a light on it is simple when you know how.

      As for money, in the world of the internet there is no longer a reason why anyone who has access to the internet cannot be making money. In fact in my opinion it should be easier for those who have hardly anything than it is for those who have the expenses of living in the western world.

      Best wishes


      PS Thank you for the invite to South Africa, I’ve always intended to go and one day will.

  3. Donna

    Hello from Ontario, Canada. I will be buying the books today; they sound to me like ‘this time, this one will work for me’ I love the wit and humour within the book.
    Where you born in Northern Ireland by any chance?
    Love and Light, Maggie.

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Maggie,

      Thank you for the compliments especially on the wit 🙂

      I was born not far from where I live now in Horsham, West Sussex, UK, although I don’t class myself as British, I think of myself more as a person who happens to be British.

      Best wishes


      PS The books only go on sale at Tuesday 4.00pm UK time

  4. David

    Hi Andy,
    As ever, your musings are inspirational. However, I do miss the videos of you strutting around in a pair of tight light-coloured trousers which showed off your manly assets to great effect. Any chance of an extended version?

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi David,

      We all make mistakes, mine was to wear a tight pair of trousers and then have it on a video which thousands got to see. People regularly comment about it, however, no offence but thankfully most of them are women 🙂

      Have a great day,


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