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  1. Stuart Whitworth

    Hi Andy

    do you have any of the first 200 books left?

    I have been a member of your site from day one, I am currently deeply stressed with the amount of debt I have accrued all be it mortgage related, a lot more is going out than coming in so I need to change my thought patterns. I will let you know if it works.



  2. Andy Shaw

    Hi Stuart,

    No the 200 to site members sold out. The only place to get a copy before next Feb will be here on Tuesday next week. However, as a site member you have access to 90% of the material in the books so if you miss out you can still access most of it.

    Just out of interest, where were you when I sent a stack of emails to all the site members? 🙂

    Lastly, the stress isn’t helping your situation as you obviously know (but bear with me). If you go here http://membership.andyshaw.com/creating-a-bug-free-mind then those articles will relieve the pressure very quickly.

    If you spend just a few hours reading from the start of the page and just go down them one at a time, you will find the stress goes and you can get back in control and regain your ability to act without stress!

    Best wishes


  3. Saquib Mahmood

    Hi Andy,

    I have also been a site member since it was opened and actually did place an order for the books. The order was later declined because it was asking for some kind of echeque payment which did not go through. Is it not possible to simply order the book by using a normal credit/debit card?

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Saquib,

      There shouldn’t have been any problem as it’s paypal and you can pay direct with a credit card, or set up a paypal account and do a transfer or anything really.

      Let me know if you still have problems,


  4. Bud

    Andy, good to see and hear you are still “up and running” with your new books, after your bankruptcy earlier this year. I won’t be buying them, as me AND my wife are being made redundant just after Christmas, so every penny counts! I’m looking on the bright side though and staying very positive, as my enforced job loss will give me time to re-read your Property book again and take action; and also time to practice MY manifestations, which I learnt to do many years ago (I can always get a parking spot, at least!). I hope you WILL make millions again, and be able to pay off your creditors, like myself, who lost money with you, thus regaining the moral ground that many bloggers thought you had lost. All the best, Bud

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Bud,

      Everything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I like the way you’re looking at the positive side of redundancy.

      I just had a testimonial in today from Jeff and it should inspire you that a re-read of Money For Nothing will bear fruit again:-

      Hi Andy, Just felt I had to write and thank you so much for changing my life. Your fabulous ‘Money For Nothing’ was absolutely amazing. I Never get fed up reading it and is a great reference book. I have to say within one month of finishing the book I went out and bought an old victorian 3 bed terraced house – which unfortunately for someone was a repossession. I did what you advised and completely gutted it and refurbished it. The total project including the refurb cost me approx £96.000 Iv’e since had the proprty valued in excess of £165,000. Since then (Nov 2008) I have purchased another two BTL’s, all rented and each giving me both considerable equity and 7% yeilds. I will be purchasing your books on the 7th December. Thank you once again. Jeff

      Best wishes


  5. Anonymous

    Very interesting Andy, I was already highlighting typos this weekend gone (first 5 chapters of both books) to send on to you !!!!

    I will have more than 100 typos / suggestions on both books. Some great wisdom in what I’ve read too.

  6. Phillip

    Where do i go to get my “90 DAY TEST DRIVE OF A BUG FREE MIND.COM Membership For Just £1.00”?

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Phillip,


      People are finding it by digging around but I’m not promoting this until after the books have gone on sale. So if you can find it (doing your Sherlock Holmes bit), you can get it now but if you’d like to wait approx 7 days then I’ll be sending everyone the link.

      Best wishes


  7. Colin Garden

    Hi Andy,

    Just to let you know I have read your books and have nothing but praise for them 🙂

    I am determined that I will re-read them again and again to ensure I get the full benefit from them and completley debug my mind!!

    Can you tell me when you think the audio versions will be ready? I have a long drive to and from my current workplace and I would like to get copies to put on my mp3 player so I can make the best use of my travelling time!

    And yes – it is definitely going to work for me….I have started my own website and ‘know’ that I am going to be successful with this. I am quite happy with my current ‘job’ as it is not at all boring (I am an electronics design engineer) but I want to be able to do things on my terms and when and how I desire it to be 🙂

    Thanks Andy

    All the very best to you


    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Colin,

      They won’t be ready until late April/May time. As I am waiting for feedback to make any changes first.

      Don’t force yourself to re-read the books, just recognise the benefits you will receive when you do… It becomes easy then. One read through leaves you feeling good but susceptible to returning to your old patterns, and you need more repetion to cement the new thoughts into place,

      Best wishes


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