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  1. Julie

    Sounds like a great book Andy. I read your last book and I thought that was great. So, I’m gonna get this one and give it a go.

  2. Malcolm

    Great stuff Andy. I fully believe that you will make wealth again. I really hope that I can be taken there as well alongside you. If the video is a sign of things to come, then its what we need. Bring it on.

    • Andy Shaw

      NO worries about me making money again, that’s a given… But by the end of these books you won’t ever want to use the hope word again. And you won’t need it, you also never did, but you’ll only realise that after you’ve read the books.

  3. valerie hide

    I didn’t find the video over the top because, having been a site member in the past, I know you did all of what you are claiming. You’ve certainly turned my life around, and although I’m not rich yet, my mindset is totally different to what it was and I now KNOW that I can achieve so much more than I’ve ever done before. Can’t wait for your new books to be delivered to me!

    I think that the criticism might come though from those who will perhaps focus more on your bankruptcy and the damage it caused? Good can come from making and having the money, but damage can be caused if it slips away again? I’m sure you’ve learned an awful lot from your bankruptcy experience, so perhaps you could pass on some of your wisdom regarding how to safeguard our wealth too. Just a thought.

    All the best to you and your family,

    Valerie Hide

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Valerie,

      I think the books will move your mindset along nicely. I think the way I released it on the site slowly, worked very well from my point of view but did not deliver the full power of it. I think you’ll find quite a transformation happens when you surround yourself with it.


  4. mike

    Andy I’ve watched your achievements for years now and you are living an astonishing life there’s no doubt of that. The question is, can I do something along these lines using your materials? Obviously you can, but can I? Just reading a book or two is not usually enough to fundamentally change mindsets easily. I’ve tried many systems and seminars so why is your a. different and b. more effective than these others. I don’t mean these questions aggressively, I ask them respectfully. Thanks, Mike

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Mike,

      Trust me no offense taken in any way. And thanks for this great question.

      When I wrote the books, I thought to myself, there are so many experts out there like Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey etc. And I thought how can I possibly consider myself qualified enough to write a book on the same subject as those guys.

      It was a bit of self doubt I suppose, but really it was more than that, my consideration was if all of those guys have failed to get people taking action then how do I think I can. Then I thought about how my first book had done so well at getting people to get off their backsides and starting. And I thought that’s it, this is my uniqueness. This is what I can do where others struggle, and that skill was given to me by my Dad who showed me how he got an entire group of people to understand.

      So I thought back to the book and the technique I’d used to get people to inspire themselves. And that’s it really, I get people to inspire themselves, to see that they can actually do it and that it can really happen for them. I dislike the word ‘believe’ intently as you will see in the books, but for now probably the easiest way I can describe it is I get you to believe in you again. By getting you to do it, I don’t do it, you do.

      What I do is show you the path back to where you ‘believed’ in yourself before the world clouded your judgment. Then I show you how to allow yourself believe in yourself again and not judge yourself. I get you to recognise where you are and how what has happened in your life right now is no longer going to define what happens for you in the future. Your past is like looking at the wake from a speedboat and thinking it has something to do with where you are going.

      The reason others are not successful at getting you to take action is they are not teaching you, they are teaching everyone. I am only teaching you… everyone else is irrelevant, you are the only person who matters. Look at it like this:- You’re back at school and the rest of the class has figured out how to do it and you’re struggling, then the teacher comes and works with you and shows you it in various different ways until all of a sudden without effort you just know how to do it. That’s what I do, and that’s why it’s different.

      The world renown experts are also wrong on some small but utterly crucial issues as you will find out during your experience which is the best way of describing the journey that you’ll go on when you go into these books.

      The trouble I have is explaining this little bit of magic. In my first book I wrote it and I did it in such a way that I got through to the vast majority, I only have records of 12.5% of readers going on to buy property and make money. However, I know that a huge percentage went forward and did it, simply because of all of the people who approach me and tell me their story.

      With that book the vast majority of people loved it straight away, but a small percentage read the book and they said, it’s not well written, it repeats itself and it takes 400 pages to tell you what could be said in 80 pages. They were usually telling me this at the same time as they were telling me that it inspired them to buy 5 properties and they’ve made £150,000 thanks to reading it… They didn’t of course consider that I could’ve done those things on purpose.

      But there were specific reasons why all of those were done, it wasn’t because I wanted to fill up pages, it was becuse I wanted people to take action. I have a real problem with not delivering value, I have been asked to speak on stage hundreds of times but to me only when I am sure I will deliver huge value will I do it.

      To me, if I make you feel good, and educate you then they are all good, but they are a very, very distant second place to the most important thing of all. Which is I get you to get you results, that’s why I wrote these. And everything I put into the books is about delivering you results.

      It’s simple, if I deliver you results then you become an evangelical advocate for these books. That serves my selfish self interest.

      So it’s in my interest to actually deliver results.

      If you think I haven’t answered it well enough then please ask me again,

      Best wishes


  5. Hi Andy

    I would like to have your new books when they are out. how do i go about getting them do i have to join the membership site ?
    I brought your last two books and found them to be a very easy read, i like your style of writing.
    I also got involved in property buying three here and 1 close to you in Cyprus (Ahia Triada)unfortonatly the market turned.
    i dont think the video was over the top, But I had no idea the just how much you had made,well done and fare play to you!!

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for the compliments. I had no idea just how much until I sat down and worked it out 🙂 I know Ahia Triada well and used to walk along the beach there often!

      No you don’t have to join the site. There’s a video going live later today about the release date.


  6. Alec

    Hey Andy,

    this looks cool, I plan to get it in a few days. I really just wanna apply everything asap and get out of my current situation; mediocre just ain’t cuttin’ it for me!
    I know this sounds ambitious, but I’m actually really interesting in just buying property all over the world (mixing business with pleasure!) and know you have that experience. Are there any resources you can reccomend?

    all the best

    • Andy Shaw

      Love that comment, mediocre just ain’t cuttin’ it for me! I’ll use that somewhere as it’s really good 🙂

      Buying property all over the world was once on my list of objectives too… It’s a process and once you realise that it’s a process and if someone else has done it then so can you then you can stop doubting your ability to do it and just take the appropriate steps to make it happen.

      Sounds over simplified I know, but after you’ve finished the Bug Free process you’ll realise, that this was just the workman way of looking at it.

      To me all of the stuff I did, didn’t feel spectacular, it was just a systematic workman approach, however, it was fun too 😉


  7. Paul Williams

    Hi Andy
    I was a cabinet maker then window fitter myself and still am at 49 ive read every self improvment come get rich book going.ive read the first 5 chapters of your new book and i can honestly say my life is on the change for the better already.your video is brill i love the cars and if people say its over the top then thats because your life has been.i cant wait for my books to arrive cheers Paul.

    • Andy Shaw

      Thanks Paul. I Don’t envy you at this time of year and in this weather… I remember how bl**dy cold it really was up a ladder fitting windows… This was written whilst sitting in a dressing gown at my desk, spoken like a true window fitter 🙂

  8. Nic

    Hi Andy,
    I have run teams of people and read the books, been to the US and done the courses etc etc. I read your property book and joined your website, I didn’t follow your advice although I loved the simplicity of your system. Working in the financial marketplace, I am familiar with Taleb’s work & understand that black swan events can wipe out well laid plans. Easy for me to say as i didnt lose anything but I admire your tenacity and enterprise. Over the years I have allowed myself to drift along & lose control of the basics, the control of my thoughts. As a result, while comfortable, I am like a lot of people I guess in that I am at a roadblock, looking for a way through to the next level, doing the same things yet expecting different results! I am therefore very intrigued about the power of what you are doing here and look forward to reading the books. Thanks, Nic

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Nic,

      You won’t be disappointed, and pretty soon you’ll see that the roadblock can easily be removed without effort. A bold statement I know, but I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me if you apply the system 🙂

      Best wishes


  9. Hi Andy

    I like yourself have gone through this journey of making and losing millions and salute you on bringing ALL your knowledge and skills to the table for others to benefit from!

    Hoping to see you again at the next JV Club Mastermind my friend!



    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Sohail,

      I was looking forward to coming along this month but can’t do the 7th. I look forward to January’s.

      Best wishes


  10. Hey Andy!

    Love the video!
    I remember your cars and your office, so I know you have done it as I have seen it with my own eyes 🙂 I also know without a doubt you will become very very wealthy again!

    I am currently doing mind power exercises which I am finding extremely powerful and beneficial. I am guessing your books go along the same lines, weed out the negatives and replace with the absolute knowledge that I can manifest and achieve what ever I want to.
    My visualisations are getting stronger and more real by the day. I have know I am going to succeed massively! 🙂

    Keep up the great work Andy!

    best Wishes,

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Barrie,

      Good to hear from you

      Nothing beats proof as much as someone who actually saw them all 😉

      From what I can remember you did fairly well on the success mindset anyway.

      Best wishes


      • Hi Andy,

        Yes I am doing well at it and getting better by the day!!

        It has always been about the mindset and once you understand that you can achieve all your dreams and a lot more!! I continue to learn and train my mind every day.

        To your success, my success and anyone who wants to come along and enjoy the ride!! 🙂

        Best Wishes,


  11. Thanks Andy, wasn’t sure it was you when we hooked up on Facebook, but glad to see you writing these books. Just joined your subscription site, frankly it was the quotes from Lao Tzu that did it for me, that okd dude knew a thing or two or nothing 🙂
    Rest to be communicated on the site.

  12. mems

    Hi Andy

    Man that was your coolest video to date. Im a site member so all the info is there but by heck im having this book set and i’d better get a signed one to go with my collection.

    The best ever


  13. Elizabeth

    Hi Andy,

    What about gifting me with your 2 new books?

    I really do want to change my life, but have responsibilities and over 40 K in the red.

    This is something I want to do, please help and mentor me?

    Thanks for your time.


    p.s. I did write a snail mail, but I don’t know if you have received it.

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Ha ha… very funny. If I gifted them to you they would have no value and you would not respect them for the value they can give you. I also would go broke again 🙂

      As for your £40k problem… You need these books otherwise that £40k problem will be £50k in a year or two and you’ll have wasted two years of your life finding that out. The problem you have is that your mind is currently trapped in a repetition cycle and unless you change your thinking then it will only get worse. You can get out of it if you’d like to.

      But don’t expect me to feel sorry for you or anyone as we are all the creators of our own destiny and when I lost £20 million ish the person who was to blame was me.

      I mean this to help not hurt,

      Best wishes

      PS I usually get snail mail after a few weeks.

  14. Darrell D'Orsay

    when I read ads from people charging money to tell them how to make money I always suspect that this is how they make the money. Wrote and ad asking people to send money so I can tell them to write ads and ask people for their money.

    Why would a multi-millionaire write books in an attempt to make more money? It sounds like you can do it easier with the techniques that made you successful before.

    Why is the book 10 times more expensive than regular books?

    Perhaps this is how you make money.

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Darryl,

      Yes I fully understand… When I released my first book which made a lot of people rich the level of doubt was enormous… But I of course delivered on it.

      It is a great question though – why would a multi-millionaire write books in an attempt to make more money?

      In short I have written these books to make a lot more money, I share my wisdom and if people want it then they pay a small amount for a large amount of value. I always look to give $1,000 of value for every $1 of cost.

      Getting rich is simply a matter of creating value for others. Look at Facebook, Twitter or Google… they are all free and add extreme value to us all. Which is why they made so much money for their creators. Those guys found the magic solution for us all and provided it at no cost.

      To me, these books require people to take action… if they sit on the shelf they will do nothing. People need to read them and as it initially requires work it is prone to be put to one side… so then payment is necessary to be painful enough for people to take action.

      It is also necessary for me as otherwise I wouldn’t be interested in providing the info, I can do anything I want. If I am going to share, I expect to be paid. People who have read my work will tell you the value of it.

      £30 for two books, or £15 a book is hardly 10 times the price of a normal book 😉

      Lastly I can assure you that yes this is very definitely how I make some money!

      I want to assure you this is not some altruistic venture to help mankind. I will help but I expect to be paid and I am only paid if I deliver, which is of course the way it should be.

      Thanks for the great questions,

      Best wishes


  15. Hi Andy

    Just taken a short break from reading the 5 free chapters. I was at the point were you asked for people to try and hold a positive thought for 15 seconds, I actulty found this very difficult.

    I have brought your last 2 books as i said earlier and found them to be of great value, and very easy to follow and understand. I had just got in to the rental propeties when i came across Money for Nothing and your property for free, so rather than do it your way i made quite a few mistakes. It was only by reading these that i was able to evaluate a deal and stop me from making further errors.(saving me a life changing amount of money)

    Going back to the 15 second thought, i could not think striaght even to the point that I could not even remeber one. So I asked my daughter to tell me of some of the memorys she has that make her feel happy….Well she`s still reeling them off, and i had forgotten just how much fun we have as family. What i am trying to say is i havent yet got the book and it is already working for me!!

    She remind me of our wedding day at Paralimni town hall and how proud she was to be bridesmaid. she referes to it as our wedding. I can now hold these memorys in my mind and they make me feel great just like it should be.

    Dont stop with these books as you are a talented writer and teacher, this is a true gift.


    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for the compliments, and what a great idea to ask your daughter for ideas of when the time was special for her. That’s the way to make it even more powerful, very much a case of the law of least effort… I like it!

      Did you live in Paralimni or were you there to be married? I spent many a time sitting in Senso cafe enjoying a Frappe whilst looking at the Church.


  16. Hi Andy

    We have been holidaying in Cyprus since 2002 and made quite a few cypriot friends. We got married in 2006 at the town hall and had the reception at Nissi Otis down on the beach in Protaras. The family and friends thought it was cool to go Snorkling while at a wedding reception…
    That`s when i went for the house off plan in Ahia Triada, could`nt afford it on my own so a friend came in on it with me. We have to rent it to help with the costs, but i look on it as part of my pention.
    Works well for us as my friend has no interest in going their but still pays half.
    Always hoped I would bump in to you in Senso or Paralimni/Kapparis and have a coffee, we are over there about 6 weeks a year around school holiday time. take a look http://www.margaretavill-cyprus.co.uk
    So please to see that you have bounced back so quickly, good luck with the new book not that you need luck! I have altered my plans for tuesday so I can be back for 4 o clock

    best wishes


    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Paul,

      We went back on holiday earlier this year and I have to say it was the perfect holiday destination for us as when we went on holiday we had loads of friends there. I only went to Senso occasionally, my favourite cafe was the little marina cafe in Pernera, great views over the sea to North Cyprus. I used to meet people there quite often and I really enjoyed it.

      Best wishes


  17. sorry spelling mistake http://www.margaretaville-cyprus.co.uk (not trying to sell to you, but your more than welcome).


  18. Hi Andy

    Marina cafe is that that the one by Golden coast hotel ?

    How have you all settled back here. A friend of mine came back from their 3 weeks ago and it was still 30 degrees.

    A little advise if you have time, I run a small Building company and up untill the credit crunch We were never short of work, last couple of years has been a little different of course. So i am trying different ways like going through council websites to see who has applied for planning ect, and introducing our selfs. This has produced results.
    I know you are the one to get things up and running so if you could let me know what you would do in these times to drum up work.
    I know you have a lot going on at the moment so i am not looking to take time from you. You may have one of those light bulb moments and think has he tryed that… I think your next book should be how to get a buisness up and running.

    I hope to be one of the first today.

    All the best

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Paul,

      99% positive it was the one next to the Golden Coast. We’ve all settled back into the UK really easily. I thought I’d miss the sun but all joking aside, the problem wasn’t the British weather, the problem was my mindset. And now whatever the weather is doing I’m really happy about… Weird or what especially from an ex-builder 😐

      As for tips, I have stacks of ideas. I nearly went back into promoting my friends local building business earlier this year but I didn’t want to get too heavily involved so I dodged that bullet. As I could have ended up in a business just doing that for people.

      I was speaking to my Uncle yesterday and he told me that he sent out a change of address to all of his customers and got a stack of new requests in for work.

      The best advice I can give you is talk to your customers. Relationship marketing is what you must get into. If you get into that then you effectively make the competition irrelevant.

      To get into that, you need to do something fairly easy which sounds hard. You need to copy the format here on this blog, put up a blog and give good content to people. Make it your home page. The first rule is, I don’t go to sell something to someone, I market to get a new friend.

      If they end up buying something then that’s cool. I know my stuff’s good, so I know the more chances I get to talk with them and share something of value, then the more chances I have to make a sale.

      To me, this is a I win, but they always win bigger sale.

      Now if you spent some time and wrote out a list of the top ten tips for someone considering having building work done, or The best advice I can offer to anyone who wants to use a builder. After my 20 years of experience, then join my building advice mailing list. Where you can download this free report and get my regular advice and stories from the world of a local builder.

      You set up an optin bribe which is like my 5 free chapters above. Set up a mailing list which you can get from GetResponse.com (there are plenty of others). Then you set up an automatic message to get your free report delivered.

      Then you just write about whatever happens that you think a friend (your customers and your prospective customers) would find funny or helpful. You only need to write once a month, but if you put up a couple of posts a week, then you would get more customers I guarantee it.

      Then you need to get prospective customers to your website. The easiest way is local search on Google adwords. But you should also be at the top of the local search results.

      Now I guarantee you NOT ONE SINGLE COMPETITOR will have taken this approach, so you will own the market ‘mindspace’ within months. Within six months you’ll have a constant stream of new business, you will become a local celebrity and people will want to do business with you as opposed to others. I have seen this work hundreds of times, but people don’t do it. Because they think its too hard. This is a game-changer in your market and the first to do it well, will win… so it’s either you or a competitor.

      To get this set up should not cost you more than £1,500, maybe £1,800 and it will then cost £400/mth max on Search Engine Optimisation and maybe £40/month on a customer database like Get Response.

      As for articles, they are easy to write and add, but if you had trouble then maybe you could pay someone to do the techy stuff for £100 – £150/mth, or maybe £250 if you were doing a lot of broadcasts.

      This would be the single best and most efficient marketing you can do. It will take about 3 – 6 months to really get going but once this is up and running you will not be short of work again!

      Ok, that’s probably the best advice I can give you in the time available 🙂


  19. Hi Andy

    WOW…What can i say, I sure did`nt expect that especialy today. I will get to work on this straight away and let you know how i get on.

    I recently had a website done along with a downloadable Ebook, so there`s quite a lot of information there just to get me started. Thanks Andy realy appreciate that, thank you.

    I was sure to be the first to get my hands on Your Book today, Sat there watching the count down…Ready steady GO…pay pal kicked me out a dozen times. Just as i thought all was not to be i had a email of pay pal confirming Payment,So I can now look forward to recieving it.

    I had just started to read ( A road less travelled )I think I`ll put this down for now and wait for a Bug free Mind.I read somthing you wrote this morning regarding positive thinking, I never thought of it like that but could not agree more.

    Take care and thanks again




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