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  1. Courtney

    Hey Andy
    To the point and right smack bang on the money. (Frank Wallace new all this)

    I’m so excited my bug free books have arrived. I have my golden hardback notebook already stuffed about 30 pages full and I have managed 15 seconds. Got my list and today did my 15… next its Satori.
    THe pages I have read are highlighted and scribbled all over and its MY book.
    I’ve read so many PD books BUT so so far (45 pages in) yours is on the case.
    Every day I look forward to opening the cover.
    Thanks and hopefully thanks a MILLION.



    • Andy Shaw

      🙂 Thanks Courtney, you’re welcome

      A friend yesterday who missed out on buying a set last time said he had someone to stay who had a set. He said, that he wouldn’t even let me borrow them, that they were HIS books and he carried them around with him.

      I liken the experience with reading my books to visiting Las Vegas for the first time… You’ve heard all the hyped up marketing and everyone saying they’re good… But until you see it for yourself, you have no idea 🙂

      Thanks again for letting me know, any questions or further clarification please just ask,

      Best wishes


  2. Angus Fraser

    Looking forward to hearing about shortening the odds, Andy, as 714th sounds a lot better than the other 713!!

    • Andy Shaw

      Angus if I have my way, then those awful stats will be shortening for all. But for now I can only work with the ones who have come into contact with me,

      Best wishes


  3. Charlie Brown


    Hope you get this comment this time !

    Thanks for this next week,I plan to take a few days off being half term and also as I want to revisit my designs and check on my follow through.

    This year as a result of ABFM, I am sleeping better getting down the gym more and feeling that I can deliver. I just wonder how long it will take to come up with the key ingredients to deliver on my designs? What I mean is I don’t want to flog myself like I did last year, I just need to work alot smarter. Can you give me some pointers?

    Best Regards Charlie.

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Charlie

      The key element to success is to go through the design process. This takes a while, but then spending 20 hours or so designing how you want your ideal life to be and day dreaming about how good it is really isn’t work… It’s totally self indulgent time.

      This process will reveal to you exactly what you want, virtually no one on Earth knows the answer to this and when you have that answer, you can now just work out possible ways to get there.

      Once your mind has understood that it is possible for you to get there, then you just focus on seeing it having happened until you reach a mental state where it is impossible for it not to happen. Meanwhile outside of the visualising world, you take the appropriate steps in the direction to get to the first conceptualised point.

      All the time remembering that it’s happening now, and all you have to do is allow it to happen and work on the step where you are. If at any time you start to doubt it then it is purely because you have not conceived how you could do some part. Figure that out and go back to the finished design and study it again until it becomes a certainty once more.

      Always remember no thought stands still, so if its not helping you, its hurting you.

      Do all that and you are certain to succeed

      Best wishes


  4. Hira

    From Zero to Hero.. 🙂

  5. jo

    I think your premise is flawed – from the fact that there are 10 million millionaires on the planet in a population of 7 billion it does not follow that the probability of YOU becoming a millionaire is 1 in 714 (I don’t think you really mean 714 to 1 !!!!)
    Thats like saying that 1 in every 7 people have blue eyes so the odds of you having blue eyes is one in 7.

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Jo,

      Don’t really know what you mean.

      7 billion divided by 10 million = 700 So on that rougher than rough calculation it is one person in 700 becomes a millionaure?

      Best wishes


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