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  1. Great video! Well worth the time to watch and listen.


  2. andy

    I just hope it delivers as it you say because Fare from being frightend to have a go at anything to move forward, I’ve tried it all but to date still searching for the big one,



    • Andy Shaw


      I am fairly sure you will be very surprised to find out exactly where the big one has been hiding. And maybe fairly annoyed at first. But I assure you that by the time you have finished reading the books you will not be annoyed anymore.

      Please make sure you tell me what you feel like after you’ve read them as I promise you, you will feel wonderful.

      Best wishes


  3. Ray

    I have the first free 5 chapters, when are the books actually out for sale.

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Ray,

      Just waiting for the books to be delivered and then I’ll put them on sale. I have a provisional date and think they will go on sale one day next week so that they will be delivered before Christmas… well that’s the plan 🙂

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