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  1. Hi Andy,

    You are spot on with what you have just said, but you have just made a BIG promise, and the thing is , will it work. I for one am willing to try it, because I have tried everything else in this line.
    What is this awesome thing you are talking about, I am willing to believe, just tell me what it is, you have got my e-mail address. If this works Andy, you have a friend for life.

  2. andy

    Andy I bought the property for free book and membership on the AS site, yes it did what is said on the tin (book) however I got into it just as the property market was hit by the banking crises, but if not for that I’m sure I would be retired by now, One thing is for sure is that the property market fallout did dent my confidence as every time I’ve tried to get ahead since seems to go pear shaped, so I’m hoping your new books deliver what you say they can, hopefully they break up all the b.s that goes with a loss of confidence which can also effect drive and ambition, I too have read lots of personal development books some you have reccommended, some did nothing for me some were a great read but after the initial boost it soon dies out so hears hoping yours lights the fire big time, I’ll look forward to it, Good luck to you.

  3. Andy Shaw

    Hi Peter,

    Don’t worry, I will put you into a NO-LOSE scenario…You have my word!

    My intention is to have a lot of ‘friends for life’ form these books. In fact I designed it that way from the start… Because when I wrote my last book each morning I was busy and I would almost ungratefully wade through at least 20 new emails a day from people thanking me for changing their lives….

    I decided that I wanted to have to do that everyday for the rest of my life, which is just one of the reasons why I wrote these books

    Have a great day,


  4. Andy Shaw

    Hi Andy,

    There is no need to hope anymore as you will soon find out when you read the books 😉

    And there is no need to hope that these will deliver and re-build your confidence, rest assured you won’t recognize yourself… I am extremely confident, because I have an advantage over you… I’ve read the books and I’ve also had 10 months of feedback from current site members 🙂

    I have designed this process to light your fire but to do it in a way which will mean the fire will not go out… no I’m not kidding, or exaggerating. I’ve built on the personal development from Money For Nothing & Your Property For Free.

    I know you’re going to love them,

    Best wishes


  5. Geoff Beattie

    Andy, your work has changed my life!
    In 2008 I bought your £20 “Money for nothing and property for free” book and because I took action with what I learned from it I made about £50,000 in a few months 🙂

    I then joined your Membership site in January 2010 and once again put my new skills to use. So far I have overcome my fear of heights, spiders and theme park rides, I’ve been able to save my marriage from a potential divorce and been able to get through an unforeseen financial nightmare and the collapse of my business with hardly a moments worry or sleepless night. – Cheers Andy!

    Had I not read the “Bug Free Mind” stuff and actually applied it to clear my mind of the bugs that I didn’t even know where there I could have lost my wife and my home.

    But now I’m beginning to seeing my “new designs” coming to reality with harmony at home, peace of mind, a fresh new and different way of looking at life and our new business ventures getting off the ground and there are more to come 😉

    Thanks to your “Bug Free Mind” stuff Andy our future’s now looking great!


  6. Yvan

    Hi Andy

    In your email, you wrote: “… reading material that DOES NOT WORK simply has to stop!

    “It works for me of course… but then I’m different… If you think I’m wrong, then please prove it… please tell me on my blog, and I will answer.”


    Not so much “wrong” as caught in the same perspective trap as everyone else: humans tend only to acquire (read, listen, etc) that information that is consistent with what they already believe in / are already up to.

    So, it’s less the case that the self-help books work for you (or anyone) and more that they are providing affirmation and perhaps some fine-tuning of the path that you’re already following. And that path, of course, is one that you had absolutely no say over: it is your path by virtue of your genetic heritage and environmental factors (opportunities and barriers of both) – neither of which any of us has any control over but can only respond to as they arise/confront us.

    In regards to self-help books making us happy, it’s no surprise that the lady was at best uncertain – the vast majority of people have no real understanding of what “happy” looks like, let alone how to have it as a present reality in their lives. Certainly, the books weren’t going to give it to her (or anyone) unless she is already on the path to that fuller understanding, in which case: it’s inevitable at some level or another (self-help book or no self-help book).

    Additionally, the link between happiness and financial success is, apparently, inversely proportional. That is: some of the very poorest people in the world count themselves as happier than those who are comparatively very well-off. See here:

    http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Planet_Index

    UK – 2006 – #108
    Throw in some recession/poverty times and …
    UK – 2009 – #74

    What percentage of readers of your first book (Property for nothing …) actually own a property portfolio? As you said in the book (from memory – probably not super-accurate): probably only about 10% actually took any solid action. Well, that was the 10% of any readership of any self-help book that took action consistent with the book they read. And they only took that action, I assert, because they were already on the path to do so and the information in the book supported, affirmed, confirmed their decisions.

    The same will likely be true of all other self-help books.

    Note: none of that was in any way cynical or resigned in tone or attitude. I happen to experience my own life as about 99.75% happy and I’ve never earned more than £25k/yr (pre-tax) in my 15yrs of working life!

    To summarise: you’re not wrong, just in your own perspective trap. People do not change. People are people and always will be. Those on the path you’re proposing will experience your work as valuable; those not, will think otherwise.

    If nothing else, it would be a disservice to life that either all these self-help books stop being written or their readers stop reading them (“because the years of lives that are being wasted by reading material that DOES NOT WORK simply has to stop!”) if only because both the authorship and readership of those books is a testament to the onward and upward movement of ever greater numbers of people towards the authentic experience of peace and contentment with life. There there is, the more of a testament to that path to happiness exists.

    Best regards,


    PS: I’m still on your mailing list, so clearly at least some of what you say agrees with the path I’m on! 😉

  7. luckydogonline

    Hi all Andy you sure have shared excellent tips in the past – but this time brilliant mate I really liked the email content excellent read and the first time I’ve read something so compelling yet seemed challenge-less even though it is worded as a challenge? – lol –

    I gave my email clicked to this page I played the video above at the beginning you say; “I’ve sent you an email with the download in”… same time my email in-box bleeped and a pop up showed me the email from you – cool timing or WHAT! – Bug ger it I’m In!

    Be it a pleasure
    Phillip Skinner

  8. luckydogonline

    ‘Wow Your the man Andy’

    Clipped from – With Special Thanks
    And finally a thank you to the person who made me bankrupt as without you I never would
    have taken this path and a lot of people’s lives will be made much better thanks to your

    Reminds me of? “I did It my WAY!”

    • Andy Shaw

      Yes, this is going to come across wrong as it wasn’t meant to be a snub to the guy who made me bankrupt. It was meant as I was grateful,

      Thanks for the compliment anyway 🙂

  9. martin chandler

    Hi Andy,
    great stuff! “the difference between what you Know and what you beleive” has hit me like a lightening bolt.
    Have been a member to your site and so has my son .
    I had the great fortune to bump into you in Cyprus when your crisis? /opportunity was materialising and as I said then, despite what rubbish people were writing about you ,you have changed our lives for the better and continue to do so.
    Can,t wait for the books .
    Thank you so much. Insparational.


  10. Adrian Stubbs

    This is simply THE VERY BEST INFORMATION ON SELF HELP EVER!!! I’ve been a site member since February this year and I think I can speak for other site members when I can say we’ve been blown away by Andy’s explanations of how this stuff really works. It has changed my life and even though Andy doesn’t like the word lucky very much. I have to say I was very lucky to find this wonderful source of information. Thanks Andy

  11. Olivia

    Can’t wait for the books Andy 🙂

  12. Sarah Mc Cloud

    I’ve been designing my ideal life exactly as you explain. This stuff is so obvious when you apply it, I can’t get over how everyone else has missed it for so long. I wish I’d come up with it!!

  13. Freddie Roberts

    I loved the stuff you wrote on fear, talk about sorted my head out, thanks again 🙂

  14. ellamcnally

    Love the life design stuff Andy, really opened my eyes to the correct way to set and achieve goals

  15. Dorit

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for the books, looks interesting…
    Do you have an affiliate program?

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Dorit,

      Yes I do, but I am not asking affiliates to promote at the moment. I will be offering it at the main launch next year.

      Thanks for asking


  16. Hi andy , thanks to your first book property for free i have managed to build a property portfolio of 1 million using none of my own money , now i cant wait for your new books to take me to the next level , thank you again for giving me the belief as a joiner/ window fitter to be financially free


    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Willie,

      That’s great stuff, congratulations.

      In Money For Nothing I started the process, but as some of the people I’ve tested it on have said it’s much more powerful now. So someone like you will get immense value 🙂

      Best wishes


  17. Julia Causon-Smith

    Hi there, just a quick note to ask if your books will be available on KINDLE any time soon, as I would like to download them onto the one im expectin for christmas! regards, Jules.

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Jules,

      Unfortunately Kindle’s not on my plan at the moment, it will be in the future. However, I’m selling these for my own selfish reasons this way at the moment. Thanks for you interest though and enjoy Christmas 🙂


  18. Rhiannon

    Are these bugs the same thing as memetics or memes?

    • Andy Shaw

      Well not in the same meaning as this was first intended. But in a way that can be used to describe them, the bugs start off as faulty thoughts, wrong assumptions reached. Then they change shape by faulty bugs colliding and interfering with other bugs. Then they become virtually invisible and are deep rooted problems created by the mind. And as the mind creates them it is very difficult to see them.

      This is why people load good software into their minds and don’t get anywhere, simply because they don’t know the problem is there.


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