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  1. Roy Manley

    Hi Andy
    I have only read 7 chapters of the 1st book,so far. I was using the info to let a friend know that he is lacking in confidence because of the nutter in his head. He said “so I have to nut the nutter” I said yes. I will see if he manages it. Another friend I spoke to about keeping concentrated on a pleaseant memory for 15 vsecs. till 15 mins. Again I will check them out the next time we meet. I am using the info. in my own life and agree with all I have read so far.

  2. david

    Hi Andy,
    dont give up on me yet! I’m still looking over all the info you’ve sent, and i have to give you 11/10 for tenacity.So keep up the good work and i am quite sure i will be joining your ranks of members in the near future.
    Kind Regards,

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi David,

      I don’t give up on people, they give up on themselves. Well they don’t really, they just choose to listen to the bad advice that their ego is giving them. We’ll all be here when you’re ready,


  3. Jonathan Hannah

    Andy, great books but I also paid for the audio versions? When will they be ready, cheers

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Jonathan,

      They are part out now, the chapters are being released weekly as I record them.

      You should’ve been contacted as plenty of buyers are listening and leaving feedback. If you haven’t received any of the email notifications then please check your spam folder. Or contact the help desk below and they can get it sorted out for you PDQ,



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