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  1. andy

    Its very true what you say Andy, I included have said “someday” at least a million times whilst I waite for my golden goose to arrive, However I don’t think it is as simple as just changing your thinking, I as you where, am tradesman with many many years in the building trade trying to make it big but the building trade, houseing game have changed to the point that it no longer interest me and I feel totally lost looking for a new avenue to try, I would like a completely new business to energise me, something that I can see growing month on month, I love the thought of an internet based business but I have very little experience and I feel at 47 I am too long in the tooth to re-learn something brand new, then of course there is the financial complications, as we wait for work to come in so we can pay our bills, how do we start a new venture whilst trying to keep our heads above water, & lets be honest the building and houseing game isn’t going to be fixed any time soon, !


    Andy C

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Andy,

      I think a lot of people feel trapped this way. The truth is, it is all about little changes of thought… I don’t expect you to believe me yet though. I’ll be adding a post in a few days which will explain it in more detail.

      As for going into a new business whilst keeping your head above water elsewhere, this is a process but is such a huge subject it underlies everything in the books. So to attempt to nutshell it obviously leaves huge gaps. Needless to say though, it is just minor mindset shifts which allow you to do it.

      The secret to success does not lie with what you can stuff into your mind, it relies entirely on getting the stuff that’s wrong out.

      Best wishes


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