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  1. Susan

    Fabulous blog post Andy and so to the point as always. You just have to get rid of the mind virus to succeed! Have loved the books. Everyone wants to borrow them but I have to say no because everyone needs their own set because becoming bug free is work in progress. Look forward to seeing you at National Achievers Susan

  2. Hi just wanted to say I am currently on my third read through the first book and the changes in my mindset already are incredible, and yet I know I am still work in progress and expect to be so for the duration.

    I am also currently dealing with some serious sticky stuff and have never felt so calm as this for years, thank you Andy for being there, the student was certainly ready.

    I recommend this approach above any other and I am so grateful I manifested you into my life…

    I urge anyone else reading this to invest in their future and the books right now you will never regret this decision.

    Kind regards,

    Thanks Andy,

    Tony Balfe

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Tony,

      What a wonderful compliment, thank you so much for taking the time out to let me know.

      Best wishes


  3. Clive Bygrave

    Still reading the books. They really are great and inspirational. Starting to put things into practice as I go along. Keep up the good work Andy. I was going wish you all the best(and I do!) but I think you will get that anyway. Clive

  4. Jonathan Hannah

    I purchased the Bug Free Mind books but also payed extra for the audio versions? When are they out, as I don’t even know how to contact anyone about it?

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Jonathan,

      They are part out now, the chapters are being released weekly as I record them.

      You should’ve been contacted as plenty of buyers are listening and leaving feedback. If you haven’t received any of the email notifications then please check your spam folder. Or contact the help desk below and they can get it sorted out for you PDQ,



  5. Jonathan Hannah

    apologies Mr Shaw, just found the link for books,

    many thanks

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