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  1. Hi Andy, Great Books by the way.
    I cant seem to be able to locate the design word document templates on your website,would you be able to email me one.

    Also,would you be able to offer some guidance to my design setting,I start each year like now and plan ahead in terms of client contacts/activity etc – but I cant seem to be getting the expedential jump that I require and I cannot work any harder / longer.

    Best Wishes

  2. Andy Shaw

    Hi Charlie,

    Here you go http://www.abugfreemind.com/cyd/word/Your_Designs.docx

    Working harder and longer will not work. That only works when you are in the project phase… I.e. the success of the project is certain. When you are intending to create it you have to be relaxed. Just as I say in the books, really the whole process is in there. But I’m about to do a webinar for all book buyers. So if you want to get on that watch out for the email and I’ll answer it live.

    Best wishes


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