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  1. Mike Wilby

    Hi Andy,
    I have ordered your books & audios. I realise the audio will come out next year but I’m hoping the books reach me before Xmas. Please advise.

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Mike,

      Well they should take no more than 4 working days. Some people have had them next day. However, one poor guy has been waiting 11 days… the wonders of the postal service.

      All I can say is they were sent the day after they were bought 🙂

      I think you’ll get them before xmas,

      Have a great one,


  2. Pat

    Hi Andy,

    I have ordered a bug free mind book a few days ago and I am from Canada so I realize it will take a bit longer for delivery but I just needed to ask you what is the difference between buying the book and the £1 access to your system? Why should I get access to the system if I already bought the book?



    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Pat,

      This is a big question which gets a lot bigger over the next few months.

      The site only contains 90% of the material from the books, and it doesn’t have any of the summary of the techniques. However, that’s what the site doesn’t have.

      What the site does have is a whole host of other information and ongoing articles, as well as the interaction and clarifications which are coming out as people read the books. These are being updated all of the time.

      The benefit to you will also come from the software which will be out March time next year, the reason I am offering the site so cheaply is to get a stack of people into it so that it is vibrant before the main launch next year when I double the price.

      The idea with the £1 was that there was virtually no barrier to entry, on the basis of, “well for £1 I may as well take a look…”

      Does that answer it, if not please ask me,


  3. Sam

    Hi Andy,

    I have read your property book and attended a Passive open day. Afterwards I spoke to a friend of mine who had been in the BTL game for many years. He could find no fault in your book or presentation but gave me two extra pieces of advice 1) only buy property reasonably close to home (it’s much less hassle) and 2) forget about BTL in Northern Ireland then (2007) because property was far too expensive to give any hope of a return. As a result I did not get involved with BTL since then. (No regrets for sure)

    I have just about reached the half way point in your first “Bug” book and have found it to show the same crystal clear thinking as was demonstrated in your property book. Your approach is almost evangelical. I hope that we your readers do not become known as “buggers”

    Whereas your property book perhaps fell victim to the timing of the property crash I think the timing of your bug “Bug” books is spot on in a situation where everyone seems to want to blame someone else for their present troubles rather than take a look closer to home for some real solutions.

    Best wishes for your books.


    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Sam,

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback.

      I agree with the timing issue on the first book. But I still get people write to me and tell me they are still applying nearly all of the techniques. I have considered re-writing the book and making it more evergreen so that it is what it was meant to be, the solution people are looking for. The CC has meant that the message has gotten all bent out of shape, and if I get time I’ll do a re-write.

      Best wishes


      PS I echo your friends sentiment to investing near home as I was far too lazy to go anywhere 😉

  4. Gavin

    Hi Andy

    Im a big admirer of yours, Having read your first book I bought a house with my cousin within 6 weeks! Im now hoping to get another in 2011, Although I have been held up with money issues etc.. but thats another story.

    I wanted to ask you about your new book whats it about? Please E-Mail me

    Thanks Andy

    Merry christmas all

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Gavin,

      Thanks for the compliment 🙂

      The books deliver the process for success. It removes ALL of what is holding you back, shows you exactly how to find your answer to the elusive question of what do I really want. Then it give’s you a new method for thinking, which ensures the certainty of success each time. Then lastly it gives you some extra anti-virus protection, to stop problems which you will encounter when your mindset may not be in exactly the right place.

      Basically they are the process for certain success… frankly I don’t know why someone else hasn’t done this before, as they all came close but fell at the most important hurdle… which of course was to actually get their readers to have the lives they desired.

      I highly reccomend you download and READ the five chapters as I designed them to give you an experience of what you can expect from the rest of the process. If you liked the style of my first book, then you will like these for sure,

      Best wishes


  5. Sonya Briscoe

    So what about all of us who would love to change and have heard all the hype about “property”, but had to file bankruptcy due to medical bills…..we had NO credit card debt, just thousands in debt from my husbands brain tumor but now that we have paid everything off through the bankrupcty but could’nt get a loan if our life depended on it?

  6. Andy Shaw

    Hi Sonya,

    All the time you focus on what you can’t do, you will not get where you truly desire to go. Look at what you can do and work with that. I explained in detail in the property book how to get around problems with bad credit. They are not a barrier to success, just an obstacle you need to navigate around.

    Best wishes


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