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  1. Hello Andy,
    I received your two books on 14 March. Now about halfway through first book.
    I’m being massively inspired reading and learning – most importantly it is bringing all the right things into my life that I need. Example – received “Internet Business Manifesto” by Rich Schefren which opened my eyes to the difference between an opportunity seeker and a strategic thinker.
    Have been studying self-improvement and spiritual books on and off since mid Seventies.
    I’m brilliant at healing myself from over active thyroid in 1984 and breast cancer in
    2005 with energy healing and help from homoeopaths,accupuncturist,nutritionists, etc. – especially as I had no fear of the dis ease nor allowed the ‘doctors’to bully me.

    However, I was not very up on the business side of things; now your books are putting it all into perspective. Above all A Bugfree Mind is filling in all the gaps and giving me a wholistic, rounded view on life as it resonates perfectly. I feel incredibly fortunate to now have everything come to me so smoothly. The ‘no-mind’ exercise is so powerful along with living in the now, the importance of failing and much more. I have yet to bring these all together and it is slowly happening.
    I find it quite amazing how you have managed to figure out how to impart this knowledge in order to help me and others and can only assume it all comes from your deep love for humanity.
    Thank you so much for your caring, motivation and many repetitions!

    Best regards,


    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Charmaine,

      I’ve just seen your comment for the first time so apologise for not responding sooner.

      Thank you for letting me know, and thank you for your compliments.

      Have a great weekend


      PS What stage are you at now?

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