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  1. Hi Andy – just finished both books – many thanks

    How do I get on the forums at the links do not seem to work for me – do you have another contact method?

    Best Wishes for 2011 – This the year my designs will appear.

  2. Andy – I cant seem to open a word document just a load of text ,but not to worry I will get my kids to design the template as they are better than me!

    I have just had a brainwave of an idea that will help me and plenty of others like me.But I would like to be the “case study” for my idea. I would really appriciate running this by you first before I post as I feel some mentorship from you if you could spare it would set me on the right course and also project your Books and Stategies to a very niche audience.

    Thanks Charlie.

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Charlie,

      Yes I just tried the links myself and have asked my tech guy to solve, my apologies for them.

      You can get to the forums by joining through this page :- http://www.abugfreemind.com/SpecialReport/

      I just opended the Word doc myself, so I don’t know what the problem is there, but I’ll email it to you now.

      Best wishes


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