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  1. Gee

    I have already signed up! Is this the same as Andy shaw.com? Are the bug free books downloads or actual physical books? missed chance to purchase books because could not find your email address!

    • Andy Shaw

      Hi Gee,

      Yep, as of Tuesday this week all the members are being moved from AndyShaw.com to ABugFreeMind.com as the new site is ready to be used.

      The books are physical paperback books. No plans at the moment for a downloadable one.

      The books will be going on sale again late March / early April. But I think the next time there will be somewhat more urgency to buy. The last two releases were more sort of introducing the books. The next one is a launch.

      Best wishes


  2. richard

    Hi Andy,

    I have your Bug free books and am working my way through the first one.
    I have not had a job for 15 years and it has been the best time for me.
    I have 6 buy to let properties that I look after for the banks!
    I have been looking for a business that is not so hands-on. I am currently studying stock trading.
    Your books, I did read your property book, have a lot of info which resonates with my own outlook on life. I am older and certainly less ambitious than yourself but I am continuing my education.
    Keep up the good work

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